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Don’t bear medical expenses of the leader’s treatment abroad: Gagan Thapa

KATHMANDU, 22 JULY : Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Gagan Thapa has objected to Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba’s promise to bear all the expenses made in the treatment of former Prime Minister and CPN-UML leader Jhala Nath Khanal.

Recalling the provisions in Public Health Act 2017 which say the government will not bear any person’s medical expenses in foreign countries, NC leader Thapa said on his social media on Wednesday that NC government should abide by these provisions.

Lawmaker Thapa stated that it is illegal for the government to pay for the treatment abroad.

“With the implementation of the Public Health Act 2017, the Government of Nepal will not be able to bear the cost of treatment of the incumbent President, Prime Minister and anyone else abroad,” he wrote, adding, “I am confident that the Hon’ble Prime Minister is clear about this provision of the law and will discontinue the bad legacy of the previous government.”

Leader Thapa said that former Prime Minister Khanal deserves high respect for his contribution in the past and in the recent movement against regression as well and should not be brought into controversy by breaching the financial regulations for him.

“Former Prime Minister Khanal has made an unprecedented contribution to the democratic movement of Nepal and has recently risen to prominence in the way he has stood up for the constitution and democracy without taking into account his personal profits,” he wrote lauding UML senior leader Khanal’s contribution, adding, ” Family, relatives and party ranks are working for his treatment. If needed, all Nepalis at home and abroad are always ready to support him.”

He has urged the government not to make senior leader Khanal and his family sad by creating an environment where unnecessary comments are made about him by raising the issue that the government will bear the cost of his treatment abroad at such a time.

NC leader Thapa expressed his confidence that Prime Minister Deuba would not take the bad legacy of former government.

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