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24 India returnees test positive for COVID-19

KANCHANPUR, 3 APR : Twenty-four people tested positive in the antigen test carried out to check for coronavirus among those returning home from India.

The test was carried out at the Gaddachauki and Trinagar check posts on Friday. Among the 623 people who underwent antigen test at the Trinagar check point, 22 were found infected with the COVID-19, said Superintendent of Police at the Armed Police Force Nepal Saileswari, Birendra Bahadur Aiyer.

Another two among 823 people who came into Nepal through the Gaddachauki check post tested positive for the virus.

Only those with symptoms of coronavirus are tested for the virus in the health desk set up at the border points. On an average, 700 to 1,000 people are coming to Nepal from neighbouring India.

Many Nepalis working in India are returning home after a second wave of infection has led to sudden spike in the number of coronavirus infections.

However, 305 Nepalis left for India through the Trinagar check point and 150 from the Gaddachauki check post on Friday itself.

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