Top 10 Nepalese Handicrafts Products To Buy Online

Buying things online is convenient and saves time. But we don’t always have it figured what we want in the cart. In this article, we will look at some of the highest-selling handicraft products in Nepal that are worth considering.

All these products are 100% handmade from Nepal. 

Singing Bowl 

Singing Bowls come paired with a padded mallet made up of wood. The bowl makes a soothing sound upon getting struck by the mallet in a circular motion. It is an incredible product for those who admire meditational activities due to the relaxing hum sound that it makes. Singing Bowls can be used for decorative purposes as well. 

Felt Products 

Felt is a versatile material. Uses of felt range from arts and design to musical instruments. Felt products have been around for a long period. These products are 100% hand made from high-quality wool from New Zealand. 

Products such as balls, rug, cat cave, slippers/shoes, and seat pad are some of high selling felt products. These products are free from any harmful chemicals or toxins which is why they are great for daily use. 

Khukuri (or Kukri) 

Khukuri is a multi-purpose handmade machete. The Gurkha, one of the bravest soldiers, never stepped into a battle without a Khukuri. This represents the values that Khukuri carries in the heart of Nepalese. 

Khukuri can be used either as a utility or a quality decorative piece. 


Statues are great for decoration. It sets up a positive environment, good for offices. The statues go along with the metal art which has been dated back to the seventh century. Nepal is known for its advanced metal art and has a good name for it in the international markets.

Musical Instruments 

In Nepal, there are several ethnic groups, each with a certain type of musical instrument. Religious ceremonies and festivals in Nepal are incomplete without some sort of music. It is an integral part of Nepalese culture. Products like Madal, Sarangi, Damaru, and Flute are some handmade musical instruments that make up a beautiful designing element or an unforgettable memory of Nepal. 

Nepali Carpet 

Handwoven carpets are one of the highest-selling handicraft products from Nepal. In the past, Himalayan people used to weave their traditional carpets to protect against the cold. Gradually, the weaving method got advanced while still delivering the same quality. This is why Nepal has a highly trusted market for hand-woven carpets. 

Nepali Carpets are the 2nd most exported items from Nepal. The production of hand-woven carpets was first initiated by the Tibetan refugees from Tibet. The year 1960 marks the historic year for the commercial production of the carpet in the kingdom of Nepal. 

Prayer Flags

If you’ve been to Nepal, chances are you’ve seen the Tibetan Prayer Flags. The colorful fluttering flags aren’t hard to find. These flags come in various different colors such as red, blue, yellow, white, and green representing different elements like air, water, fire, and the Earth.

The prayer flags are excellent for decoration purposes for both indoors and outdoors. It is also believed that the flags keep the negative energy away. They are inexpensive and easy to ship. 

Thangka Painting  

Thangka (or Thanka) Paintings are a special type of painting made on either cotton or silk with textiles mounted over them. They were once used by Buddhist masters for teaching and learning procedures. Even today, Thangka Paintings are considered one of the valuable decorative items from Nepal.

Thangka Paintings are to be gently handled as they are usually sensitive. These paintings could take a long time to be prepared but they can last for years if stored in a dry place. Painting one of those could take months depending upon the details and canvas size. 

Ritual Items 

Nepal being a religious country with countless celebrations, ritual items play a vital role during a ceremony. Almost every home around here possess a set of ritual items and some even separate a dedicated worship room. 

The items are hand made with decorative patterns over them. These items are handcrafted by master artisans renowned all over the world. They are prepared from different types of metal in all shapes and forms. The prices differ from low to high range. 


Pashmina is one of the popular handicrafts from Nepal. The word Pashmina means made from wool in the Persian language. Pashmina is a special type of wool that is extracted and weaved in a really fine texture. Products such as scarves, sweaters, shawls are some of the pashmina products that are produced in Nepal. Pashmina products are usually highly-priced as they required a level of expertise and they are rare as well. 

There you have it. The list of top 10 Nepalese handicrafts to buy online to make up a dream souvenir. These are inexpensive handicrafts that enhance the environment in which they are kept. 

Which is the one thing you’d purchase and why? Let us know in the comments!

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