Onion price hike: Pinching on consumer’s wallet

KATHMANDU, 16 SEPT : The price of onion has gone up from Rs 45 per kg on Tuesday morning to Rs 130 on Wednesday morning after India stopped exporting onions.

Consumers have complained that the price of onion has gone up by more than 100 percent in 24 hours in the Kalimati vegetable market.

The Kalimati Fruit and Vegetable Market Development Committee has also acknowledged that the traders have started arbitrarily fixing the price of onion.

Vinay Shrestha, deputy director of the market development committee, said that the market monitoring was started after some traders started selling onions at higher prices.

He said that 35 tons of onions came in the market on Monday but did not come on Tuesday.

Looking at the import of onions in the past, the Nepali market seems to be dependent on India for onions, said Deputy Director Shrestha.

He said that only three tonnes of Nepali onions came in when 3400 tonnes of onions entered the market in two months.

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